State of California History

Lesson Summary:

A lesson on the state of California. The reading is accompanied by true/false questions.


To introduce students to salient features about the state of California and its history

Subject Area:

American History: California
American History: Mexican-American War
American History: Gold Rush

Lesson Excerpt:

California is located on the southern Pacific Coast of the United States. California is surrounded by three other states: Oregon to the north; Nevada to the east; and Arizona to the southeast. The country of Mexico lies to the south of California. California includes a region called Death Valley, a 140-mile stretch that encompasses the hottest, driest and lowest (below sea level) area of the U.S.

The History of California

Before the arrival of European explorers in the early 1500s CE, the land of present-day California was occupied by hundreds of individual groups of Native Americans from dozens of tribes, including well-known groups such as the Paiute, Washoe, Shoshone and Mojave.

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