Let it Snow — Precipitation

Lesson Summary:

The lesson introduces the children to precipitation in the form of snow.  The reading is designed to be used to provide information for the activities.    Activity A is a creative activity while Activity B provides a fun exercise which serves to reinforce the information given in the reading.


  • The children will understand and be able to explain how snow is formed.

Subject Area:


Lesson Excerpt:

Here is a big word for you – precipitation.  What does it mean?  Precipitation is the water which falls from the clouds.  Water can be either solid, like ice, or liquid, so it can fall as rain, hail, sleet or snow.  Today we are going to talk about snow.

Snow starts off in the clouds as water vapour which has evaporated from streams, rivers, lakes and oceans.  The water vapour condenses into small droplets of water but, in low temperatures, these droplets freeze and small ice crystals form around tiny dust particles in the air.  When they become too big to remain in the air, they fall as snow.

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