State of Michigan

Lesson Summary:

A lesson on the state of Michigan. The reading is accompanied by true/false questions.


To introduce students to salient features about the state of Michigan and its history.

Subject Area:

American History: Michigan
American History: Great Lakes
American History: Detroit

Lesson Excerpt:

Michigan is located in the northern Midwest. Michigan has a most unusual shape because it touches on four of the five Great Lakes. The western edge of Lake Erie eastern border. There is a tiny strip of Canada bordering Michigan between these forms the southeastern border of Michigan while Lake Huron defines most of its lakes. Lake Huron and Lake Michigan divide Michigan into two pieces termed the Upper Peninsula and the Lower Peninsula. The Lower Peninsula is shaped like a mitten with Lake Huron to the east and Lake Michigan to the west. Indiana and Ohio are to the south of the Lower Peninsula. Most of the population of Michigan lives in the southern half of the Lower Peninsula.

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