Using Pictographs

Lesson Summary:

The lesson introduces the children to the use of pictograms and is designed to be used by the children either individually or in pairs.  Activity A requires them to use a given pictogram in order to answer questions and Activity B requires them to use their own symbols or pictures to draw up a pictogram.


  • The children will understand and be able to use a bar graph in the form of a pictogram.

Subject Area:


Lesson Excerpt:

Pictographs are a type of bar graph that uses pictures or symbols instead of numbers. They are also called picture graphs. We say that the picture or symbol represents the data or the facts that we are going to work with.

Often a picture can stand for more than one number. To find out how many things are represented by each picture or symbol we have to use a key.

Here is an example of a key using a picture:

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