Common and Proper Nouns

Lesson Summary:

The children will already know the noun or naming word.  This lesson introduces them to the two categories of nouns: common and proper nouns.    The discussion may be used by the teacher to introduce the activities or read by the children, individually or in pairs, before beginning the activities.  Activity A requires them to recognize a common noun and exchange it for a proper noun and Activity B is a brainstorming activity which provides practice categorizing proper nouns.


  • The children will understand that nouns can be categorized as either common nouns or proper nouns.
  • The children will be able to categorize the different types of proper nouns.
  • The children will know and be able to demonstrate the use of the article ‘the’ appropriately for proper nouns.

Subject Area:

Language Arts

Lesson Excerpt:

You know that nouns are naming words.  They tell us the names of people, places and things.  But did you know that there are both common nouns and proper nouns?  Common nouns are the names of everyday things, like dog, man, shop, town, and country.  Proper nouns are the names of specific names, ideas and things, like Fido, David, Sears, Washington and America.  So the names of people, pets, companies, towns and countries are all proper nouns.  So are the names of the days and months, religious festivals, holidays, books, awards, historical events, monuments and brand names.

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