Geography of The Pacific Ocean

Lesson Summary:

A lesson on the geography of the Pacific Ocean. The reading is accompanied by true/false questions.


  • To introduce students to the geography of the Pacific Ocean.

Subject Area:

Geography: Pacific Ocean
Earth Science: Oceans
Earth Science: Volcanoes
Earth Science: Ring of Fire

Lesson Excerpt:

About seventy percent (71.1% to be exact) of the earth’s surface is covered by ocean, and the Pacific Ocean is the largest of the five oceans, extending some 64 million square miles and accounting for one-third of the earth’s surface area. This vast area of ocean is larger than the landmass of all the continents combined and contains about forty-six percent of the world’s water. Not only is the Pacific the largest of the world’s oceans, it is also the deepest with an average depth of 13,000 feet. The Pacific Ocean is bounded by the following major geographic features: North and South America to the east; Asia and Australia to the west; the Arctic Ocean to the north; and the Southern Ocean to the south.

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