Homographs – Understand and Define

Lesson Summary:

The lesson introduces the children to the use of homographs.  The reading is designed to be used by the children, preferably in the small groups which they will work in for Activity A.  The first activity is a brainstorming session which encourages the children to think of as many homographs as possible within a limited time.  Activity B gives them the opportunity to use homographs in their own sentences.


  • The children will understand and be able to define homographs.
  • The children will be able to use homographs correctly in their own writing.

Subject Area:

Language Arts

Lesson Excerpt:

Homograph is made up of two Greek words: homo, which means the same, and graph which means to write.  So homographs are words which are written, or spelt, in the same way.   The definition of homograph is:

Words that:

  1. are spelled the same
  2. may be pronounced the same
  3. but have two different meanings

There are two groups of homographs.  The first group of words are spelt and pronounced in the same way but have different meanings, and the second group are words which are spelt the same way but are pronounced differently and have different meanings.  Let’s look at some examples of the two groups:

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