Homophones – Using in Sentences

Lesson Summary:

The lesson introduces the children to homophones. Because it is important for them to see the words, the discussion is designed to be read individually.  In Activity A the children are required to identify misspelt words and provide the correct homophone, and in Activity B they are given the opportunity to use homophone pairs in their own sentences.


  • The children will be able to identify the correct spelling of a homophone in given sentences.
  • The children will be able to demonstrate their understanding of homophones by using them in sentences.

Subject Area:

Language Arts

Lesson Excerpt:

Here are some interesting classifications for words in English which look and/or sound the same.  Heteronyms are words which are spelt the same but sound different and mean different things, like cry a tear and tear paper. Homographs are words which are spelt the same way but have different meanings and don’t always sound the same, like the bow of a ship and a bow and arrow.  

Homophones, which we are going to talk about today, are words which sound the same (homo means the same and phone refers to sound) but have different meanings and are usually spelt differently, like the wind blew and the sky is blue.  Both homographs and homophones are sometimes called homonyms.

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