Seasons – Winter

Lesson Summary:

The lesson builds on the children’s knowledge of winter and provides a basic explanation for the different seasons.  The reading is designed to be read by the children individually or in pairs with the teacher facilitating.   Activity A provides them with the opportunity to illustrate their understanding of winter both by drawing and by explaining and describing the drawings.   Activity B is a fun activity to complete the lesson.


  • The children will understand and be able to explain why we have different seasons.
  • The children will be able to describe winter using the appropriate adjectives.

Subject Area:


Lesson Excerpt:

Winter means different things to different people.  Because it is cold we pack away our swim suits, T-shirts and sandals and start wearing jackets, gloves and scarves.  Many animals and birds migrate to warmer lands or hibernate until the cold weather is past.

We play different sports in winter as well, sledding, ice skating, skiing, and ice hockey, for example.  What is your favourite winter sport?

But what causes winter?  Well, we all know that the earth revolves around the sun once every year, but did you know that the earth tilts on its axis?  In winter the northern hemisphere, which is where we live, is tilted away from the sun. Like this:

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