End Blends – Final Consonant Clusters

Lesson Summary:

The lesson introduces the children to final consonant clusters, or end blends. The discussion may be read by the children or by the teacher with the children following in their own copies and reading the words out aloud.  Activity A requires the children to complete  words by filling in the consonant clusters and Activity B gives them the opportunity to use words with final consonant clusters in sentences and then read out their sentences in order to practice pronouncing the end blends.


  • The children will be able to identify, read and spell words with final consonant clusters.

Subject Area:

Language Arts

Lesson Excerpt:

Do you remember what a consonant cluster is?  It is a group of consonants in a word which don’t have any vowels between them.  When we read a word with a consonant cluster or consonant blend we pronounce each consonant separately.

Today we are going to look at final consonant clusters or end blends.  We use the word cluster when we talk about written words and we use the word blend when we talk about spoken words.

Here are some of the most common end blends:

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